Bob Riddick Completes High-Performance Forum

Congratulations to Mr. Bob Riddick and his Home Services Team! Bob has recently completed the High-Performance Forum, under the private mentorship of Darren Hardy who is a CEO and Success Mentor Currently, only 837 CEOs or business leaders on the planet hold this esteemed position, completing this mean the Bob Riddick Home Services will proudly display this badge of honor. Another step forward to provide the best possible service to all of their clients, while gaining knowledge on how to continue to grow and develop in the business.

We Just Received A Safety Leadership Award

Bob Riddick Home Services is proud to announce that we have received a Safety Leadership Award from our workers comp insurer, Commonwealth Contractors Group Self-Insurance Association.

Safety has always been very important to us. While your family and their safety in your home is our top priority, the safety of our crew members is of the utmost importance. We would never endanger anyone, regardless of weather conditions, which is why we are 14 years accident free. We practice all necessary safety precautions and are diligent about monitoring the weather prior to beginning any time consuming jobs