Fixing a Leaking Rock Chimney

We receive over one hundred calls each year about leaking rock chimneys. Sometimes, the only way properly repair them is to start from scratch.

In this case, we chipped all of the original stone down to the cinder block chase. The water penetration was so severe we had to replace some of the block. We built a “cricket” on the back side to meet today’s building code, replaced all of the surrounding shingles and installed new copper flashing. Next we brought in Ronnie Nolen and U.S. Stone to install the new rock, a manufactured stone by Stone Craft.

If you are experiencing roof leaks at your home, give us a call and we will put our team of experts to work for you.

Bob Riddick Home Services and the Roofs for Troops Program

We're excited to be a part of GAF's Roofs for Troops incentive. This incredible program offers a $250 rebate on your GAF Lifetime Roofing System to all active U.S. Military, Veterans, and Retirees. As a GAF Master Elite company, we are honored to have the opportunity to participate. For more information on the GAF Roofs for Troops rebate, contact Bob Riddick Home Services at 540-721-1329.

3 Critical Reasons To Have Your Roof Cleaned Today

Over the years, gunk and grime have accumulated on your roof undeterred. This can cause a number of problems over time, but right now it just looks downright disgusting. Professional roof cleaning services can make your home look better and provide a number of benefits. Here are just a few.

  1. Financial Incentive

    According to the National Association of Realtors, having a professional pressure wash your home can increase its property value by $10,000 to $15,000. This is no small chunk of change, especially if you're getting ready to sell in the coming months. If you were about to sell your car, you would likely wash it first. The same applies to your home.

  2. Preventative Maintenance

    Having your roof cleaned can prevent roofing work down the line. Leaves and other natural debris can get stuck in the gutters and shingles, resulting in overflowing gutters. This can make the foundation of the roof weak. Roofing projects aren't your only potential problem. Water overflowing from the gutters can also seep into cracks in the foundation of your home, raising concerns over water damage and possibly mold. All of this can be prevented with a good roof cleaning.

  3. Aesthetics

    If you came home to a dirty sink every day, you'd eventually clean it. Your bedroom? At some point, the mess will become too great to ignore, and you'll have to tidy up. Well, your roof is the same way. You might not see it as frequently as you would your kitchen, but it is a part of your house's aesthetic appeal. Coming home to a house with a dirty roof might not affect you too much, but over time it will get worse. Eventually, slime, sludge, and mold will take up residence and you will want a roof cleaning just so it doesn't look gross anymore.

If you are interested in a home remodeling project that will barely take up any time, can add value to your home instantly, and can prevent future issues, consider having your roof cleaned today. For any further information on what these services entail, contact us today.

Local, civic minded companies like BRHS make the difference!

I was first introduced to Bob Riddick Home Services as I observed the quality and detailed workmanship of his employees during a repair and replacement roofing job at our church, Trinity Ecumenical Parish in Moneta, Virginia. The building and grounds chairman of TEP spoke highly of Bob Riddick and the quality of workmanship that his company provided. I was told then and more firmly believe it today that Bob’s company is one of the few trusted roofing companies in our area.

Later I personally had the opportunity to contact Bob due to a hailstorm that damaged a large portion of the shingles on the roof of our garage. This hailstorm damaged several thousand homes in our area. As you can imagine, roofing contractors started to come out of the woods from as far away as West Virginia and North Carolina. Bob and his company immediately began a plan of attack and started scheduling jobs several months in advance. The list of clients was extensive due to Bob’s reputation for service and quality of work. Since my job was relatively small in comparison to others, I told Bob to put me on his list, as I would wait until it was convenient for him to work me into his schedule. This was important for us to wait as I knew if I had any issues in the future, Bob and his company would still be here to resolve my concerns, unlike the many companies who showed up to capitalize on this bizarre derecho hail storm and then only to leave town and never to be heard from again.

I had another occasion to contact Bob when we were having water leakage issues over the roof of our breakfast area. I had contacted our builder and he sent his crew out on two occasions along with his roofing contractor to try and repair the leak. Both of these attempts failed and we still had the leak. I called Bob and he came out and examined our situation. He took a number of pictures and then explained in detail to me his assessment and corrective action plan. His crew came out as scheduled and repaired the roof, which is now three years later and No Leaks! The work was done on a timely basis and billed as quoted with no surprises.

I have come to know Bob both professionally and personally and you will not find a more sincere, honest and personable person to do business with.

He and his company are most generous supporting numerous local civic and charitable activities in our community.

The benefits of using Bob Riddick Home Services is that you are dealing with a local company who has a long-term vested interest in making sure his company’s reputation is paramount in the communities that they serve. The quality of their workmanship, the products they use along with the professionalism of their employees make them a real pleasure to do business with.

-Al Fuzi

Post Winter Checklist

Winter has undoubtedly taken it’s toll on your home, and now that the snow is melting and the sun is beginning to shine, many more problems are likely to surface. Leafs in your gutter, cracks in your driveway, the weight of snow on your roof, and dead plants from last year are all areas you should focus on. Below, we will walk you through these problem areas, what to look for and what to do.

Check your roof shingles

Winter months see lots of water on your rooftop and when that water freezes, it can damage your shingles, causing them to shift or crack. Keep an eye out for any loose, missing, cracked or shifted shingles. These areas can cause leaking and interior water damage. Also, if you notice any shingles with missing grain, it would be time to call for roof repair.

Examine your chimney

Check the exterior of your chimney for any damage at all, especially around the base where it connects with the roof. Also be sure the check the flue for any blockage or debris.

Check the gutters

Keep an eye out for loose or leaky gutters. If your gutters aren’t draining properly it can lead to water damage or flooding in the basement. Check your downspouts for any loose connections and make sure that they are aimed away from the foundation and clear of any leaves or debris.

Fill in low areas in the yard

Low areas in the yard and around the foundation are often impacted the most by winters wrath. It’s best to fill in these areas with compacted soil. The constant rain that comes with spring will cause flooding and can damage your home. Not to mention, when these areas are full of water, they create a breeding ground for insects.

Concrete Inspection

Winter causes havoc on existing cracks in concrete. Water seeps into those cracks and eventually freezes and expands, causing those cracks to become worse. Keep an eye out for any loose sections and always make sure your concrete slabs aim downhill from your home so water cant easily travel towards the foundation.


Once the freezing weather is over for the season, you will want to check all of your outdoor faucets. Run the water, if you are able to stop the water flow with only the pressure of your thumb, you likely have damage in your pipes and they will need to be replaced. Be sure and check your house for any dry rot while you are at it.

Mold & Mildew

Mold & mildew are common sights after the winter month. Bob Riddick Home Services is the only licensed SoftWash Systems cleaner in the state of Virginia, and it is the most promising way to remove any harmful bacteria from almost any surface. Power washing can be dangerous and harmful to a lot of surfaces and only blasts away some of the bacteria. SoftWash, however cleans and disinfects the whole surface area and even prevents bacteria from returning. The choice is obvious!

If you are experiencing any or more of the above issues, we are more than happy to lend you hand! Give us a call any time!

Winter Homecare Tips

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