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Softwashing Vs. Powerwashing

With all the talk about Mount Rushmore getting pressure washed, you may think this is the way to go for your home or business. Unfortunately, your property is probably not made of granite and requires a cleaning more than once every 65 years. While pressure washing might be the most popular method used for cleaning, it’s not necessarily the safest.

To date, Bob Riddick Home Services inc, has logged hundreds of training hours with AC Lockyer, the founder of SoftWash Systems. In addition to Bob, we have 2 Lead Certified Technicians who are fully trained on all operating procedures, various chemicals used and a multitude of surfaces. Unlike SoftWash, pressure or power washing requires little to no training.The lack of training leads people to believe the only way to effectively clean surfaces is by setting the washer on the maximum amount of pressure. Unfortunately, this causes irreparable damage to a multitude of materials. The damage is further impacted by the multiple cleanings required by pressure washing. While SoftWash utilizes a variety of non-toxic chemicals to kill fungus and mold at the root, pressure washing only takes off the surfaces stains which means the process has to be repeated annually.

Common damages include:

  • erosion on siding, stucco and brick
  • removes granules on shingles
  • removes mortar from bricks
  • loosens shingles and siding
  • water leaks, particularly around window seals
  • blown out windows
  • personal injury
There are a multitude of videos demonstrating how pressure washing can remove the paint from your house so you can easily put on a fresh coat. While that is a benefit if you want to repaint, it can be quite an expensive downfall if your goal was to merely clean the building so you didn’t have to repaint.

The video below shows a pressure washer slicing through a 2″ x 4″ as easily as a knife slices through a block of cheese.
After watching that, how much of your deck, house or roof are you willing to replace after it’s been pressure washed?

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